Volodymyr Byehlov

Volodymyr Byehlov

What's your role in the Center team?

Officially, I am the chairman of the board. In fact, I manage the main projects and try not to bother the team too much, we have a horizontal management model.


How long have you been working at the Center?

Ever since it was a timid dream.


Where, apart from the Center, do you work?

Currently, all my time is spent developing the Educational Center for Human Rights in Lviv. However, sometimes I host concerts of the INSO-Lviv Symphony Orchestra and celebrations on the occasion of Lviv Day. ;)


What did you do before becoming part of the Educational Center for Human Rights in Lviv?

I participated in the launch and development of such independent Ukrainian media as The Ukrainians Magazine and online radio SKOVORODA. I also have a book of poems FAITHBOOK, published by the Old Lion Publishing House. I worked as a communication manager at the Center for Urban History. For 7 years I hosted daily broadcasts on Lvivska Khvylia radio.


And out of work?

I am very conservative, it is difficult to get used to the new. Therefore, if the theatre, then the same for several seasons (now the Lesya Theater), if the series, then "Friends" (although now hooked on "Two girls without a penny", which are shot in the same aesthetics as "Friends" ), if a pub, then "Choven", if travelling, then Berlin. :)


Life credo

"Make the World better and your loved ones happier!"